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Pursuing Claims Of Unseaworthiness

Under maritime law, owners of ships owe a strict duty to provide a vessel that is reasonably fit for its intended use. This duty extends to all of the equipment and supplies aboard a vessel. When a seaman is injured because a ship owner failed in that duty, the seaman can claim compensation for past and future medical costs, lost income, pain and suffering, and other losses.

Unseaworthiness cases can involve complex issues regarding liability and the amount of compensable losses. If you have been injured by faulty equipment or supplies, lack of equipment or supplies or another type of negligence onboard a ship, you should speak with an experienced maritime injury attorney.

Tabak Mellusi & Shisha LLP provides results-oriented representation for seamen, engineers and other maritime employees in cases involving unseaworthiness claims under the Jones Act. As former Merchant Marine officers, our attorneys have a thorough familiarity with shipboard operations, above and below decks. When you retain our law firm to represent you, we will seek maximum compensation for all of your losses.

Undertaking A Comprehensive Investigation

In your case, Tabak Mellusi & Shisha LLP will vigorously represent you at all stages of the legal process. We will:

  • Identify the true owner of the vessel — Our lawyers are skilled at investigating and analyzing the complex corporate and ownership structures of oceangoing ships. This issue can become further complicated because in certain circumstances, liability for unseaworthiness can be transferred to the entity that has taken control of operation and management of the vessel from the owner.
  • Document the negligence of the owner — Using our knowledge of shipboard operations, we will document how the ship owner or operator failed in its duty.
  • Calculate the full value of your losses and advocate for you — At trial or in settlement negotiations, Tabak Mellusi & Shisha LLP will seek to maximize the total compensation that you receive from your unseaworthiness claim and any applicable Jones Act claim.

Contact An Attorney For A Free Consultation

For a free consultation with a New York City unseaworthiness claim attorney, call us at 212-962-1590 or 800-781-8419 or contact us by email.