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Taking action when a dream cruise turns into a nightmare

On Behalf of | Jan 19, 2024 | Cruise Ship Injuries

A cruise is the ultimate vacation for many adults. Many cruises offer all-inclusive packages that can be quite cost-effective while simultaneously taking the pressure of planning for daily needs off of vacationers. Instead of needing to investigate restaurants and make reservations at popular locations, cruise passengers can show up to any of the restaurants onboard and enjoy food and drinks to their hearts’ content in many cases. They don’t have to arrange for transportation, as the ship provides that. They can simply sit back and enjoy traveling to a variety of different beautiful destinations while staff members meet all of their needs.

Unfortunately, some people settling in for a relaxing cruise vacation get hurt while out on the open ocean. They may have incur expenses and have questions about their rights as a result of their circumstances.

Offshore injuries can be very expensive

All it takes is a patch of rough water or a bit of bad maintenance to result in a cruise ship passenger suffering significant injuries. In some cases, such as ships that encounter major storms and large waves, dozens of people can get hurt in a short amount of time because of the violent motions of the ocean and the vessel.

Other times, poor cleaning and maintenance habits on the part of employees might lead to someone slipping and falling. They could fall down stairs inside a cruise ship or even tumble over a guardrail and end up in the water. Occasionally, cruise ships create health hazards through poor food handling practices. Any of these issues could lead to massive expenses for the impacted passengers.

The ship might dock after someone reports a serious injury or illness. They would then pursue medical treatment at the closest nearby facility. The chances are quite good that the healthcare provider where the ship docks may not be in-network for the passenger. Depending on their health insurance policy, they may have to absorb most or all of the costs generated by their medical challenges.

Injured vacationers have legal rights

Not only does an injury or illness impact the quality of someone’s vacation, but it can affect their long-term health, finances and quality of life. All too often, those hurt on a cruise ship or other recreational vessels face pressure from staff members to sign documents absolving the company of responsibility.

People may give up their right to take legal action in return for mediocre treatment provided on board or other minor concessions offered by the company. Anyone planning a cruise might benefit from learning about the potential hazards and preparing just in case they or one of their loved ones suffers an unfortunate incident while out on the ocean.

Oftentimes, people face major challenges when negotiating compensation claims after an injury on a cruise ship. It can be difficult to negotiate with the company or its insurance provider for an appropriate amount of compensation. The average person does not understand what may be necessary to take legal action against a business that endangered their health and safety with poor practices. As such, connecting with the right support can make all the difference after an injurious incident that occurred on a cruise ship.