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A harrowing scaffold accident

On Behalf of | Aug 15, 2022 | Personal Injury

Construction work ranks as a dangerous profession anywhere in the world. In fact, danger levels could increase depending on the environment. Those working on ports and other marine locations may worry about unique hazards. Terrible weather could roll into New York, putting people working on a seaside construction project in a potentially catastrophic position. And other mishaps could lead to injuries, such as the unexpected collapse of a scaffolding. One such incident occurred in the spring of 2022.

A troubling incident at the Port of Long Beach

The partial collapse of a scaffold at the Port of Long Beach left three workers suffering injuries. A steel beam inflicted severe injuries on one worker. Protecting oneself from harm becomes challenging when such a mishap occurs without warning to vulnerable personnel.

A fourth worker fell into the water but suffered no physical harm. Falling into the water under such circumstances could have resulted in a drawing fatality. Thankfully, the worker did not suffer such a fate.

The scaffolding disaster represents a way construction workers might suffer harm on a marine project. Slips, falls, impact from objects, and tool-related troubles may all leave workers with hospital bills.

Exploring options for compensation

Those injured in marine construction accidents could have various options to seek compensation for injuries suffered. Workers’ compensation may be available to employees who follow the steps necessary to apply. In New York, negligence is not a required element with a claim.

Independent contractors might explore legal actions with a negligence claim. Employers might file for workers’ comp while considering a lawsuit against a third party’s negligence. A manufacturer that produced a defective welding kit or scaffold might face liability claims. Punitive damages may result when a manufacturer releases a product with known defects or other dangerous issues.