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What do you need to know about maritime law?

On Behalf of | Jul 18, 2022 | Maritime Accidents

Your New York business may depend to a large degree on shipping in the most literal sense of the term. If an order arrives in a damaged or unusable condition after being shipped via freighter, you need to know what to do. At this point, you may have recourse to the rules and regulations that govern activity at sea. These are known as admiralty laws.

The general scope of maritime law

Another well known name for admiralty law is maritime law. These are the rules that govern private and business activities, disputes, or illegal actions that can occur while at sea. In most parts of the developed world, this is a branch of law that has its own sphere of jurisdiction separate from national laws.

The United Nations administers maritime law through the International Maritime Organization (IMO). This body has issued numerous laws that are subject to be enforced by the navies and coast guards of countries that have signed the IMO treaty. This is a set of laws that can govern insurance claims that relate to ships as well as their cargo.

Insurance matters can fall under maritime law

There is a wide variety of different legal matters that can fall under the jurisdiction of maritime law. This can include matters relating to contract disputes, equipment failures, damage to or loss of cargo, and many others. It can also include matters that relate to insurance policies that you may have for the cargo that you ship.

The IMO is the body that is responsible for enforcing the many rules and regulations that govern modern maritime law. It is also in charge of researching and implementing any additions or deletions that need to be made. These are the methods that keep the law up to date.