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Cruise ship incidents and compensation

On Behalf of | Jul 17, 2022 | Cruise Ship Injuries

Booking a trip on a cruise ship has long been popular for New York residents. When traveling, vacationers may benefit from being alert to accident risks. People can get hurt when sailing on a cruise ship, and some incidents could lead to litigation. As with many accidents, the aftermath might require seeking medical care.

Accidents on cruise ships

Not surprisingly, one of the most common accidents anyone could suffer is a slip-and-fall incident. Slipping on a wet surface or tripping over an object in a trafficked area might lead to worse injuries than expected. A cruise ship’s staff is responsible for reducing such accidents, but oversights may lead to them.

Passengers, staff and crew alike could become sick when illness breaks out on board. Questions about whether the cruise ship’s team followed appropriate protocols when a virus breaks out may arise in court. The same may happen when travelers suffer from food poisoning.

Weather-related issues, such as heavy fog, may lead to problems. People could get hurt in the chaos of an out-of-control weather event. Again, questions may arise about whether the cruise ship’s crew acted appropriately.

Negligence and taking legal action

Some incidents might not be accidents at all. One cruise ship guest could violently attack another, raising concerns about the ship’s belligerent guests and alcohol consumption policies. As with other cruise ship injuries, intentional harm might have legal consequences.

Cruise ship companies and fellow travelers might carry liability insurance that covers them for many perils. Negotiating with an insurance company might lead to a settlement that covers a victim’s losses. Those losses might include medical treatment and bills related to a disrupted vacation, among other costs. However, some cases may require going to court.