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What are the dangers of cruise ships?

On Behalf of | Jun 18, 2022 | Cruise Ship Injuries

If you’re like many New Yorkers, you enjoy an occasional cruise during your vacation time. However, it’s important to stay safe to have the best time on the ship.

What are common dangers on cruise ships?

Certain dangers are common on cruises. Because the ship is enclosed, there’s a risk of a fire starting. This could lead to burns or smoke inhalation.

Falling overboard can happen if a person is intoxicated or reckless, which could lead to drowning.

Ship collisions can be minor or serious. If a ship hits another ship, a barge or a large sea animal, the effects can be felt by the passengers. If the impact is that bad, passengers can suffer serious injuries or even death.

How can you stay safe on a cruise?

One of the biggest causes of cruise ship accidents is too much alcohol consumption. Being aware of your drinking and doing so in moderation or not at all is better.

Using the buddy system and traveling with someone else on the cruise ship at all times is crucial. You can look out for each other. If you’re traveling alone, you can pair up with someone trustworthy. If you planned your cruise with a family member or friend and they have a separate cabin, meet up and stick together at night.

Always practice safety in your cabin. Not all the doors automatically close. Some require a good yank or push. They should click shut and should be locked. This could prevent potential theft or an intruder coming into your cabin at night.

All cabins on cruise ships have a safe for your belongings. Use them when those items are not with you. You can store jewelry, a laptop, a cell phone and a tablet.