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Reducing the risks of electrical injury at sea

On Behalf of | Jun 21, 2022 | Maritime Accidents

Electrical shocks and electrocutions are commonly overlooked accidents on ships and boats in New York. The causes vary from making contact with exposed wires to dropping electronics in water. There are several ways that seamen can minimize the risks of electrical accidents in their environment.

Wire repairs

Exposed wires may cause electrical shocks when touched. Damaged wires increase the risks of power surges, overheating and fires. The average lifespan of a wire is 50 years, but most people replace wires after seeing severe wear and tear.

Electrical maintenance

Ship workers perform maintenance on plumbing, electrical, water and HVAC systems. If a maritime accident happens during a voyage, it becomes difficult or impossible to seek a qualified repairman. Typical maintenance includes keeping the electrical equipment clean, checking the functions of electrical connections and checking parts for severe damages and potential replacements.

Separating water and electricity

Anyone who works on wet surfaces is taught from an early age to avoid mixing water with electricity. On ships, workers cannot prevent water from splashing on board, and leaks show up on any part of the ship. Reducing the risks of electrical injuries involves keeping tools and machinery apart from water.

Disuse of electrical machinery

Some people avoid using electrical parts and appliances altogether. Mechanical and battery-powered tools are used in place of electric-powered devices. There is no longer any need to use and drag cords on the floor.

The risks of electrical problems increase on ships as water mixes with electricity. Electrocutions cause severe burns or deaths and start fires. With proper precautions, the electrical injuries that occur at sea are reduced or eliminated altogether.