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What are common life-threatening injuries on ships?

Maritime workers in New York have some of the most difficult jobs. Sadly, there are some accidents that are common on ships that can be life-threatening. Knowing about them can possibly save lives.

Electrical shock

Seafarers who have to perform electrical work could be at serious risk of electrocution if wires are exposed. This can also happen when there is water in the working area. A worker can suffer serious electrical shock and be seriously injured or even killed.

Fires or explosions

If machinery on board a ship is not properly maintained, it could lead to a disaster such as a fire or explosion. Gas systems, boilers or compressors could end up overheating and catch fire or explode, which can result in multiple casualties.

Mooring accidents

Workers on ships must be fully trained in mooring. Unfortunately, some companies might skip over adequately training their workers, which means that a serious mooring accident could occur that leads to serious injuries. Mooring requires serious skill and experience. Accidents can be fatal.

Falls from heights

Often, maritime workers are required to work from heights while tethered to safety harnesses and other gear. Even with the proper precautions in place, it’s still possible for someone to suffer a fall. Falls from heights can be fatal. Whenever workers are required to perform this work, it’s important for proper inspection to take place beforehand to ensure that the safety equipment is in working condition.

Man overboard

A worker can be catapulted and thrown into the water from aboard the ship due to various accidents. Although workers are usually trained on reacting properly and rescuing their colleagues, a man overboard issue can be deadly. Drowning or even hypothermia could occur.

If you work on a ship, safety is the most important thing. Injuries could cost you more than medical bills.