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Sling safety in marine construction

On Behalf of | Apr 12, 2022 | Maritime Accidents

Marine construction is one of the most dangerous occupations for New York residents. The extensive harbor system requires constant remodeling and building of additional facilities. Equipment and work materials are commonly delivered by a crane sling system that sets material across waterways in remote work environments, and maintenance of these slings is vital to proper delivery and safety for workers in and around the area.

Chain slings

Chain slings are the most commonly used and dependable thread for any industrial marine sling. Each strand of chain must be strong enough to handle the weight in bad distribution as well as in balanced, and they take major punishment when in use. Many marine construction accidents happen when chain slings break loose due to overweight loads. Not only can the crane operator be acting negligently, but the employer could be held liable as well when equipment malfunctions in any manner due to lax inspection and cleaning.

Wire rope

While wire slings are not always as effective as chain slings, they are still used very often for their low cost. They tend to break more often and have less load capacity. Harbor construction companies use them for some jobs that could be questionable, which then leads to unnecessary incidents of marine construction injury claims for workers’ compensation in New York.

Fiber and synthetic strands

Fiber strands are typically used by marine construction companies that do light-duty work in the harbor. These are efficient for some jobs, but they are also easily broken when too much weight is being transferred.

Moving any type of cargo by a crane is a very skilled job, but it takes more than skill to make sure accidents do not occur when cargo is being moved in the harbor in marine environments. When accidents cause injuries, the employer’s equipment inspection records are investigated first.