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Handling fish hook injuries

On Behalf of | Mar 1, 2022 | Fishing Boat Accidents

As a fisherman in New York, you take a risk every time you throw back a fishing line. Some people have had fish hooks buried in their cheeks or their eyes. Some people are injured by the reckless actions of others, but most people are damaged on accident. For every injury, there is a recommended treatment.

Types of injuries

Fishhook injuries often occur on the fingertips of commercial fishermen who remove fish from their lines. A hook can penetrate any part of the body, but most injuries affect the face, head and hands. Beginner fishermen are more likely to be injured due to their inexperience with fishing gear.

A fishhook barb can become trapped in the skin and impossible to remove using home treatment. The result is internal or external bleeding and an open wound that may require stitches. A nerve, muscle or blood vessel may become injured, causing numbness or tingling. Without treatment, skin infections can develop and cause swelling that requires antibiotics.


Some people are able to treat their fishhook injuries themselves. However, many of them cannot remove the hooks themselves because they could push the hook farther into the skin and increase the risk of infection. Leaving the hook inside of the skin causes severe pain and swelling.

Find the safest treatment

Home treatments can be dangerous and lead to unpredictable results. If a minor accident does occur when using a fishing hook or other fishing equipment, use a first aid kit to address the wound and prevent infection. If your condition worsens, visit the emergency room or doctor’s office for further evaluation.