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Investigating common reasons for maritime accidents

With more people on the water in recreational boating, safety becomes an issue. Residents of New York City and other nearby areas of New York may want to learn more about the reasons for maritime accidents. In 2019, the Coast Guard (USCG) reported 4,168 accidents that involved 613 deaths. There were 2,559 injuries and approximately $55 million dollars of damage to property as a result of accidents by recreational boaters.

According to CED Technologies, Inc., there is investigation of these accidents that helps pinpoint the causes. With more vessels, such as was the case in Florida with a 16% increase, statistics can find certain repeated causes.

Inattention by the operator

This may be texting or talking. Eating or checking email may also qualify, and even checking the GPS may cause inattention. The main issue is that the driver takes their hands away from steering the vessel.

Improper lookout

Someone else should have the designation as a lookout. A passenger can have their eyes and ears open as they scan the waters. There could be an accident, even with a lookout, as this person may not be paying attention. Even in a large boat, such as a cruise ship, a lack of attention can cause an accident. Cruise ship injuries may result from this failure to see the path of another vessel.

Operator inexperience

Operators should know the nautical rules of the road. Lack of proper skill and experience can lead to accidents. Boaters should know shoals, currents, and traffic density to avoid problems.

Excessive speed

Safe speeds are always necessary. An accident may happen at high speeds with loss of control.

Use of alcohol

Many states have laws that are similar to drinking and driving when it comes to boating. Did you know that it is a federal offense to operate a boat under the influence of alcohol? This is for motorized and non-motorized boats.

Those who venture on the water should be aware that maritime accidents do happen, whether in a kayak or on a large cruise ship. Know that these accidents may have similar causes.