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Hazards faced by maritime workers

On Behalf of | Feb 15, 2022 | Maritime Accidents

There are risks to working on ships and at seaports in New York and surrounding areas. Maritime workers are surrounded by hazardous equipment and extreme weather conditions, so they could face serious injuries.

Slips and falls

Maritime workers work at sea, so they are constantly exposed to wet, slippery surfaces. A ship’s deck cannot be clean and dry at all times. Workers must protect themselves from slips and falls by wearing slip-resistant shoes and by participating in safety training.

Hazardous work environment

Working at sea means working in dangerous weather conditions. In addition, a ship is full of hazardous machinery that could break down or cause accidents, leading to serious injuries ranging from broken bones to lacerations and amputations.

Some captains and senior members of a ship’s crew may be lenient to following maritime rules and regulations while they are at sea. If this is the case, every task that a maritime worker does is made even more dangerous because the ship could be thousands of miles away from land and civilization.

Toxic chemicals

Many ships carry toxic chemicals and materials in bulk amounts, and workers on the ship are exposed to numerous toxins, such as chlorine, ammonia and acid. Old ships may contain asbestos in the walls and ceilings as part of the construction. Maritime workers who are constantly exposed to these toxins face increased risks of developing chronic diseases.

Guaranteeing protection at sea

Working in the maritime industry is a unique yet hazardous experience. In addition, accidents and injuries that occur at sea are more difficult to investigate. Due to the countless dangers, state and federal maritime laws are made to protect maritime workers, from sailors to construction workers, on their voyages.