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Reckless inactions lead to fatal ship collisions

On Behalf of | Jan 18, 2022 | Maritime Accidents

A lack of communication is not a common excuse for a fatal car crash, but this problem is common for ships that collide with other vessels or objects on the water. The reason why they crash is because the ships send warnings that are frequently ignored. The NTSB has concluded that reckless collisions are largely preventable on New York waters.

Communication problems on ship vessels

The National Transportation Safety Board states that the lack of communication among ship operators often leads to deadly ship collisions. In 2020, a fishing vessel operator ignored radio warnings and signals from a ship before steering too closely and colliding, causing the deaths of three crew members.

The solutions of maritime laws

New York maritime law covers accidents and injuries that occur on rivers, lakes, seas and oceans in the state and any major seaport in the U.S. This state is close to many bodies of water where a maritime accident can occur in any borough at any time. In 2003, a ferry crashed into a pier in Staten Island, leaving 11 people dead and more than 70 injured.

Maritime law determines who is responsible for an accident and must pay for the damages or injuries. These rules also regulate the amount of speed and the types of operations for vessels within a city, town or village. Although there are exceptions, a ship operator is often held responsible for negligence that leads to an accident.

Protect yourself from negligent actions

Some maritime accidents lead to serious personal injuries and lawsuits. Under maritime law, a ship’s captain or crew member is usually held responsible for an accident. The law defines how to handle every maritime issue so that the proper parties are held accountable.