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What are the most common types of maritime accidents?

On Behalf of | Dec 6, 2021 | Maritime Accidents

Residents of New York who work on ships or shipyards can suffer injuries if an accident happens. While there are often safety measures in place, maritime accidents can still occur. These are some of the most common of those mishaps.

Grounded ships

One of the most common types of maritime accidents involves ships getting grounded. This happens when the bottom of the ship makes contact with the bottom of the ocean. If the accident isn’t very severe, it can result in the hull being damaged. However, if it’s a serious accident, people can suffer injuries and cargo can be lost.

Cargo hauling accidents

Ships that haul cargo can end up experiencing cargo hauling accidents. If the cargo being lifted overhead gets loose, it can fall on top of an employee and cause serious injuries and even death. This is one of the most serious types of maritime accidents depending on the contents and weight of the cargo.

Crane accidents

A crane accident can happen when the operator isn’t careful. Wires and other parts must be properly secured or a crane worker can suffer serious, disabling injuries or death in the worst-case scenario. Sometimes, these accidents occur because of negligence or improper training.

Barge accidents

Barge accidents can happen when workers lack experience while at the helm or because of things beyond their control like too little movement on the water.

Offshore oil rig accidents

Offshore oil rig mishaps are common types of maritime disasters. If the machinery isn’t properly handled, it can lead to serious accidents that can result in injuries to ship workers.

Alcohol or drug use

Alcohol and drug use can easily lead to an accident on a ship. If a maritime worker is under the influence of either substance, the consequences can be harsh. Sobriety can keep everyone safer.

Some of these accidents can be avoided with proper training and extra caution.