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There are ways to keep oil rigs safe

On Behalf of | Dec 17, 2021 | Jones Act

Residents of New York City and seaport cities across the country may have an interest in learning more about what is being done, and what management and workers can do, to improve safety on oil rigs. With companies emphasizing safety, the number of injuries has declined over the years.

According to Oil Woman Magazine, there are some important tips to improve the safety of workers on oil rigs. With working on an oil rig being one of the most hazardous jobs, oil and mining companies should be trying to keep their rigs injury-free.

Promote a culture of safety first

Improving oil rig safety is everyone’s job. Managers and supervisors as well as workers need a constant reminder of safety. With leadership setting an example, the workers will follow.

Have the right shelter for workers

Buildings for oil rigs as well as mining sites can be in use for recreation, storage, health clinics, and more. Kitchen and dining facilities are also useful.

Wear protective gear at all times

Everyone should wear gloves, hard hats, respiratory masks, and eye protection at all times when working. A disaster can strike suddenly, so preparation is critical.

Implement regular maintenance

Checks of the equipment should take place on a regular basis. This reduces the risk of injuries.

Monitor the mental health of the workers

Elimination of the “tough” mentality should be a goal of leadership. Training programs, as well as a transparent environment, should be the goal. Workers should not be afraid to ask for advice or help. Everyone benefits from this open communication.

Oil rigs present a unique challenge for safety because of potential hazards. Everyone can be safer from injury with some steps are in place.