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The rates of deaths and injuries on cruise ships

On Behalf of | Dec 20, 2021 | Cruise Ship Injuries

Dying on a cruise ship doesn’t happen often but only to a small percentage of the millions of annual passengers on these ships. In fact, most cruise passengers are two or three more likely to be killed in motor vehicle accidents in New York. Even so, cruise ship accidents occur every year and result in several deaths.

The rates of different types of accidents

There is an average of 200 deaths occurring on cruise ships each year. These numbers are not wholly accurate because numerous ships never disclose information about their accidents or never know that they occur at all. Most deaths are caused by natural causes, but a smaller percentage are caused by fatal accidents, murders or suicides.

Laws regarding ship accidents

Maritime laws are operated at national and international levels. The cruise ship company is responsible for policing its ships and ensuring that every passenger is safe. A ship operator is liable for any accident that could’ve been prevented. The Jones Act covers cruise ship injuries that happen to crew members while passengers are covered by the ship’s insurance provider. Maritime law requires that ship operators compensate the numerous expenses of their injured passengers.

When calamities occur at sea

Cruise ship injuries to crew members and passengers happen frequently. In rarer cases, there are serious catastrophic injuries and deaths that require the need for legal compensation. The statistics about cruise ship deaths provide a good overview of the types of problems that occur regularly on deck. For every problem, there is a maritime law that protects both the crew members and passengers on cruise ships.