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Minimizing electrical shock injury while at sea

On Behalf of | Dec 6, 2021 | Maritime Accidents

A new worker might be apprehensive about staying safe because ships have pipes and wires going in all directions. The Jones Act protects crew while working on complex networks and machines. Proper procedures minimize electrical shock, whether docking at a New York, New York, or any other seaport around the country.

What’s the Jones Act?

The Jones Act is the Merchant Marine Act of 1920, which protects marine workers at sea. The employer, crew, captain or owner can be responsible for an accident. A claim could demand compensation for lost wages or medical bills.

Accidents on a ship

A worker overwhelmed by the ship’s layout is more likely to have accidents. It’s important to know where all the electrical wires and connections are so a person can escape them during an emergency. Knowledge of the electrical system lowers the chance of electrical shock. Most cases of electrical shock under the Jones Act are because of a lack of knowledge or negligence.

Minimize the risk of electrical shock

The most important task a person needs to do to minimize the risk of an electrical shock onboard happens on their first day. During the first shift, a person needs to check all switches, electrical motors and wiring for any issues. A worker needs to check that all electrical connectors are safely inside the panel box. A person needs the breaker off before any electrical work, and public areas shouldn’t use multiple socket plugs.

Workers should check electric tools for damage before any project. A worker needs to remove any conductive items and wear protective clothing before starting a job. Workers can tape off wires they aren’t working with to keep the worksite safer.

There are multiple ways to minimize electrical shocks while at sea. Ships are narrow and full of wires and pipes, which can be overwhelming at first. Whether experienced or new, negligence on a ship can cause injuries. Explain in writing what’s going on with a job, so there are no accidental electrical injuries.