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It is surprising how risky taking a cruise can be

On Behalf of | Sep 20, 2021 | Cruise Ship Injuries

No longer an activity reserved for those of considerable wealth, many people across the country are likely to start filling cruise ships again in the upcoming months.

Cruises are supposed to be fun and relaxing experiences. Very few people would take a cruise if they knew that they would likely get significantly hurt or seriously ill while on the boat.

While major disasters on ocean liners are rare, they do unfortunately happen. More importantly, though, a lot can go wrong whenever you put thousands of people together on a large boat hundreds of miles from shore.

For example, there are all the usual possible issues regarding the safety of the ship and its facilities.

The ship itself can be dangerous, as can the many pools, diving boards, rock walls and the like. Even the escalators and decks can be dangerous, especially if they are broken or slippery.

Passengers and even the staff can also present dangers to people

Furthermore, other passengers may commit negligent or even criminal acts that can leave a victim seriously hurt or sick.

The crew for example may not be careful when preparing food, thus making several passengers ill with food-borne illnesses.

Another example would be a passenger who bumps into another passenger, causing the second passenger to fall.

Although one would like to think otherwise, passengers and even crew members may also commit assaults and other crimes, especially when there are plenty of opportunities for drinking alcohol.

It is also important to note that cruise ship companies do take on the responsibility for caring for passengers’ needs. For example, at least one major cruise line based in the United States has medical staff onboard for emergencies, as well they should.

Getting compensation after a cruise ship incident can be complicated

There are a number of complications victims may face when trying to get compensation after a cruise ship accident or illness.

Admiralty and maritime law apply, for example, which means that procedures and outcomes can be different than in the case of an injury on the land.

Also, important contractual limitations may apply, which is a reason why it is important to seek professional legal help after an injury or illness.