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Seven causes of maritime accidents

On Behalf of | May 3, 2021 | Maritime Accidents

Just like plane crashes happen in the air and car crashes happen on the ground, accidents due to negligence can occur at sea.

There are a variety of types of maritime accidents, and this post will outline seven of them.

  • Offshore oil rig accidents: Maritime accidents can occur on offshore oil rigs, causing oil spills into the oceans. If a worker is negligent in the use of overlooking of heavy machinery, this can lead to devastating accidents that cause lasting damage worldwide.
  • Cruise ship accidents: Many cruise ships are resuming operations, after being docked for some a year or more. However, just like any other ship, cruise ships have the potential to capsize in dangerous weather. In addition, worker negligence can cause accidents such as fires.
  • Commercial fishing accidents: Commercial fishing is an important industry in the U.S. However, even experienced fishermen can fall overboard. And, like cruise ships, commercial fishing vessels can capsize in severe weather.
  • Tugboat accidents: Tugboats are small but powerful vessels. However, the visibility of tugboats by the bigger vessels they are towing can be blocked, leading to accidents. In addition, mere human error or negligent acts by the tugboat pilot can also cause tugboat accidents.
  • Cargo tanker accidents: One of the main types of accidents on cargo tankers, due to the fact that they transport dangerous materials, is explosions. And, statistics show that the primary cause of oil tanker accidents is worker negligence.
  • Grounding accidents: Grounding takes place when the bottom of the ship scrapes the ocean bed. This can damage both the ship itself and the surrounding oceanic area. Grounding also presents a danger to those working on the ship.
  • Crane accidents: Marine crane operations can be risky in the best of circumstances. Faulty wires or winches could lead to catastrophic injuries or fatalities. Negligence or inexperience can also cause crane accidents.

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