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New law will open back up Alaska cruises

On Behalf of | May 26, 2021 | Cruise Ship Injuries

The thought of taking a cruise has not crossed the minds of most of us until recently. After all, until very recently, we have not even known when cruises could begin again. Though, a recent move by President Joe Biden has opened back up Alaska to cruises.

The new law

On Monday, the president signed legislation that allows Alaska cruises to resume after year of halting them. This was a bill pushed through by Alaska’s Republican congressional delegation. The new law will allow for cruise ships, both large and small, to sail between Alaska and Washington state, without the need to stop in Canada.

Bookings have already begun

Shortly after the bill was signed, Norwegian Cruise Line and Holland America Line began planning operations to begin in August. This change in law is important because, prior to this law, these cruises were forced to stop in Canada, but Canada does not allow these stops anymore, effectively ending cruise ship travel to Alaska. Specifically, since most cruise ships are registered in foreign countries, the U.S. requires them to stop in at least one foreign port between two U.S. ports.


For the past 14 months we have not thought about cruise ships or cruise ship injuries, but with this resumption, those injuries are back on the table for cruise ship passengers. And, when one occurs, injured people should remember to call a professional mariners attorney that represents professional mariners and those hurt during maritime. This includes those injured in New York, New York, and anyone injured at sea or any major seaport.