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We protect your rights under the Jones Act

On Behalf of | Mar 11, 2021 | Jones Act

Maritime workers perform essential jobs both on and offshore. However, working at sea presents many dangers, especially in cases of negligence. Our firm represents clients whose rights under the Jones Act have been violated, and who want to pursue damages for the harms they suffered.

What is the Jones Act?

The Jones Act gives maritime workers the right to pursue a lawsuit against their employer if they are injured at sea due to the negligence of the owner of the ship, the captain of the ship or other crew members. Under the Jones Act, injured maritime workers can pursue recovery for medical expenses, lost wages and other damages.

Our firm has extensive experience in maritime law

The attorneys at our firm vigorously represents maritime workers in Jones Act lawsuits. With our extensive experience in this area of law along with our experience as Merchant Marine officers, we know what it takes to protect our clients’ rights and pursue the compensation they are entitled to.

We will investigate our client’s case, including identifying their current and future medical needs, so our clients can obtain all the maintenance and cure benefits they deserve. Additional compensation may be sought in cases of negligence.

Learn more about our firm’s practice

At our firm, we understand how distressing it can be for maritime workers injured on the job. We represent clients not just in New York City but throughout the U.S. Our firm’s webpage on the Jones Act has more information on our firm’s services that readers of this blog may find useful.