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As cruises start back up, passengers should beware of injuries

On Behalf of | Mar 17, 2021 | Cruise Ship Injuries

As spring and, eventually, summer months start to flip on the calendar, there will likely be plenty of New York residents who consider taking a vacation on a cruise ship. It has been quite awhile since most cruise lines have conducted their regular itineraries – a full year, in most cases. But, many of the cruise lines have plans to start back up this summer, if they haven’t already. And, when people plan their cruise vacation, they probably don’t even think of the possibility that they could suffer an injury on the ship.

However, the reality is that injuries on cruise ships are not uncommon. Just like any other piece of property, there could be dangerous conditions on cruise ships that cause injuries to passengers. Or, the misconduct of cruise ship crew members could lead to passenger injuries. Whether it is negligence or recklessness that leads to the injury of a cruise ship passenger, the cruise line could be held responsible through legal action.

But, as with most other types of legal claims, there are certain procedures that must be followed for a valid claim against a cruise line to proceed – quite strict procedures, in fact. You may have no time to waste if you think you have a valid claim to pursue.

Holding cruise lines accountable

At our law firm, we understand that some people may find it overly daunting to go up against a “big” cruise line in a legal case. We work with our clients to attempt to chart a course toward maximum compensation, if it is possible to do so. For more information, please visit the cruise ship injury overview section of our law firm’s website.