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What types of conduct must employers avoid under the Jones Act?

On Behalf of | Feb 26, 2021 | Jones Act

The Jones Act is an important piece of federal legislation that protects workers whose jobs place them on vessels in navigable waters. Workers in these conditions are not protected by the same laws as terrestrial workers, and as such require their own legislation to ensure that they are not exploited or hurt by their employers. Under the Jones Act, employers are required to provide their workers with safe conditions to do their jobs. This post will discuss some of the ways that employers must keep their New York workers’ safe and what options workers have when their employers fall short of their requirements.

Ways employers must protect workers under the Jones Act

Like terrestrial employers, whose workers perform their job duties on land, employers whose workers are on navigable waters must provide safe working conditions. They are required to train those in charge, such as captains and supervising crew, to ensure all workers are safe. They must ensure that not only do crew members have the right equipment to do their work, but that the equipment they have is in good working condition. Employers covered by the Jones Act can also carry liability for their workers’ injuries if workers are harmed by the criminal acts of other employees.

What injured maritime workers can do under the Jones Act

The Jones Act gives maritime workers certain rights to protect themselves when they are hurt on the job. For example, after a worker gives their employer notice of their losses and has had their injuries treated, they may sue their employer in court for the recovery of their damages. Workers can attempt to settle their claims without bringing them in front of judges, but not all Jones Act claims may be suited to settlement.

Maritime workers provide essential services throughout the nation. When their employers’ negligence causes them harm, they deserve to have their rights protected. Injured workers covered by the Jones Act can work with maritime attorneys to advance their legal claims.