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Can better data help stop maritime disasters?

On Behalf of | Sep 9, 2020 | Maritime Accidents

Major maritime accidents happen so often that hardly a news cycle goes by without another incident being reported. From oil tankers that collide with rocks to accidents with fishing boats, the consequences of these accidents are horrible for everyone involved. But are these kinds of accidents inevitable simply because of the risks associated with working on the water?

Experts say that many maritime accidents could be prevented if the industry made better use of its available data through predictive analytics. If the industry and its regulators were willing to join together, they say, they could use predictive analytics to spot potential problems before they ever happen.

Machine-learning models are capable of predicting accidents with surprising accuracy. They can also spot signs of illegal activity on the high seas — which, in itself, can contribute to the number of accidents that occur. Early detection of potential problems or criminal activity can then guide the authorities and help them take action to prevent more disasters.

Unfortunately, the industry would have to overcome a lot of international issues before it could operate that efficiently. While the technology that could take a lot of danger out of the high seas does exist, not every island nation has access to it. Plus, not every nation is willing to cooperate in the way that it would take to truly make the oceans and the shipping industry a lot safer.

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