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Know the occupational dangers that ship and boat builders face

On Behalf of | Aug 27, 2020 | Maritime Accidents

Being a maritime worker can be a hazardous occupation. One of the more dangerous roles you can have is a shipbuilder. These types of workers often find themselves working in tight spaces around harmful chemicals daily.

Shipbuilders often have to operate heavy machinery at elevated heights and in extreme weather conditions. Ergonomic risks are inherent with many of the tasks they perform because they have to lift cumbersome objects repetitively. The fact that these shipbuilders must continually bend and maneuver in and out of awkward positions puts their musculoskeletal systems under tremendous strain.

Electrical risk is another danger that boat builders face. They often find themselves exposed to ionizing and nonionizing radiation.

Coming in contact with chemicals like asbestos and mineral fibers from insulation products is likely. The possibility of inhaling sprays and vapors from paint, paint thinners, coatings and solvents is almost inevitable.

Shipbuilders often work in proximity to gas from burning, heat and welding activities. Fumes may be transmitted in the air as well.

Employers must train their workers how to protect themselves in this type of uncertain work environment. Shipowners should utilize safer, alternative chemicals to replace more hazardous substances whenever possible. If there aren’t any other suitable substitutes that they can use, then they must set safety precautions and adhere to them.

Shipbuilding is one of the more critical roles that you can hold in the maritime industry. There is the ever-present danger of being struck by heavy machinery while in harbor, drowning, electrocution and respiratory distress. Some of these may cause profound injuries, and the ill effects of others may not appear until decades later.

If you suffered injuries while shipbuilding here in Manhattan, you may be entitled to monetary damages under both New York and federal laws. The amount of financial compensation for which you may be eligible depends on the severity of your injuries. Ensure that the maritime accidents attorney has experience tirelessly pursuing compensation for people hurt on the water if you expect to achieve the best results in your case.