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Dangers that exist in working alongside shipping containers

On Behalf of | Aug 11, 2020 | Jones Act

Being a dock or shipyard worker can be hard and demanding work. It can also be dangerous. Not properly stacking shipping containers can result in very serious, and in some cases, fatal injuries.

Not all companies practice forklift safety guideline protocols as outlined by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). There are companies out there that offer an online certification course in proper forklift usage that is 100% OSHA-approved.

Proper forklift training teaches a worker how to stack shipping containers safely and correctly. They learn the maximum height that these cargo carrying receptacles can be stacked. Training teaches workers about the importance of inspecting shipping containers before stacking them. They also learn how to best line them up.

Although there are no height restrictions for stacking shipping containers on land, harbor workers should exercise reasonable caution when doing this.

Container stacking stability can is a common problem at sea. The higher the bulk and weight the containers are when they’re on the water, the more likely that they are to shift and bounce on the deck of a cargo vessel.

Shipping containers can become damaged and worn over time. Workers must regularly check them for cracks, dents, or structural damage before stacking them. Containers should be stacked to align the corner post with the next. Lashing rods should be used to prevent containers from sliding.

There are many dangers associated with working in or around shipping containers. There’s always the chance of improperly secured contents shifting and falling on a worker. There’s also the risk of poorly secured containers toppling over onto someone working beneath it.

If you received injuries in an accident involving shipping containers while either working around or on a dock or ship here in Manhattan, you might be entitled to lost wages, compensated medical care and other benefits. An attorney can advise you on what type of state or federal legislation may apply in your case and help you secure the damages that you deserve here in New York.