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Loss of limb remains a hazard in commercial fishing industry

On Behalf of | Jul 22, 2020 | Fishing Boat Accidents

Commercial fishermen work in one of the country’s most dangerous industries. And anyone who has toiled aboard a fishing vessel can vouch for that while sharing and comparing stories about some of the injuries they sustained.

There are the common injuries to the shoulder, lower back, wrist and neck along with others due to repetitive motion. And there are the more serious ones such as traumatic head injury, fractures and loss of limb. Any of these serious injuries can lead to the end of a career as a commercial fisherman and affect you for the rest of your life. The loss of a limb is a brutal reminder of an accident that changed your life.

Focus on safety and minimizing equipment failure

Safety standards, sometimes, are not met aboard commercial fishing vessels. That is why it remains so crucial that employers subscribe to improved safety training and invest in dependable equipment. Equipment failure is a major contributor to on-deck injuries such as amputations.

Here are some situations that contribute to loss of limbs:

  • A crushed finger caused by a heavy roll of rope.
  • Getting an arm or leg caught in on-board machinery or equipment.
  • Winch entanglements that lead to the loss of hands and arms. Shrimpers are more susceptible to this type of accident.
  • High-tension cables and lines that run through hydraulic haulers can cause the loss of limb.
  • Having a limb trapped in a fishing net.

Rough working conditions are a given in the commercial fishing industry. You are battling the weather, the water and on-board situations that can turn fatal at a moment’s notice. Be careful, follow your instincts and focus on safety every day.