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Man dies after boat capsizes

On Behalf of | Oct 15, 2019 | Boating Accidents

Many in Manhattan may not understand the enormity of the responsibility they assume when they agree to take passengers out on their boats. The complexity that comes with even recreational boating makes it such that the simple use of a life jacket may not be enough to guarantee passenger safety. Given that most people who travel on a boat likely do not understand this, it is up to those who own and pilot these vessels to ensure that every precaution is taken. When that does not happen, the results can often be disastrous. 

This fact was on full display in a boating accident that occurred off the Florida Coast. Authorities responded to calls of a vessel in distress to find that the boat had capsized. While one of its occupants had escaped, the other was trapped in the cabin. Divers responded quickly to retrieve the man, and CPR was initiated the moment he was recovered. Rescuers were even able to get him to a local hospital, but despite these efforts, he later died. 

No details were reported as to what caused the boat to capsize in this particular case, it’s outcome despite circumstances seemingly indicating a successful outcome (e.g. fast response and rescue) demonstrates just how dangerous boating can be. While that danger should not deter people from enjoying it, it should hammer home the importance of a vehicle owner and/or operator knowing how to keep their passengers out of harm’s way. Those who believed that the people that they entrusted with this responsibility failed in that regard may want to work with an experienced attorney to initiate legal action.