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Boat collision leaves several injured, one dead

On Behalf of | Sep 16, 2019 | Boating Accidents

Boating is likely considered to be a recreational activity by most in Manhattan. Because of this, few may view it as being potentially dangerous. Yet even boats and small watercraft are indeed high-powered motorized vehicles (in the same manner in which cars, trucks, and SUVs are). Thus, they are capable of causing devastation on the same scale as that seen in a car accident. Unfortunately, because boating is so often on a recreational basis, it often is accompanied by drinking. People who might never let the idea of driving their cars after drinking may not comprehend the dangers that may come with operating their boats while under the influence.

Sadly, the results of such an action can be catastrophic. Authorities are trying to determine whether drinking (or other possible reckless activities) might have contributed to a boat collision in an inland bay in California. Officials responding to the scene of the accident initially found that one of the boats involved had left. Yet despite thoughts that the accident may have involved a hit-and-run, it was later revealed that the boat had left the scene because some of its occupants were injured and required medical attention. Its owners contacted authorities and cooperated in the investigation. In all, at least give people were injured in the collision and one young woman was killed.

Liability for boating accidents is often determined in the same manner it is for car accidents, with the obvious exception being that boat owners typically assume full responsibility for the safety of those in their vessels. Those needing to seek compensation following a boat accident may want to first secure the services of an experienced attorney.