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June 2019 Archives

What are some myths about boating and alcohol?

Most people consider boating a fun and relaxing endeavor, which means alcohol often finds its way aboard sea-faring vessels. The truth is, drinking and boating are extremely dangerous, as they can cause serious injuries or even legal problems. MADD debunks some of the myths surrounding boating and drinking. 

Will we see autonomous ships soon?

You’ve read about automakers refining their driverless automobiles over the next five years. Over that time, you’ve heard a lot about the safety and liability issues surrounding autonomous vehicles. Despite several setbacks, it’s likely to see more of these vehicles on the road within the next decade.

What are the safety standards for barges?

When it comes to maritime safety, the preferred method of operations will always be working to avoiding an accident as opposed to responding to one. Accidents on the water can produce devastating consequences, even those that occur on barges who typically do not venture out into open water. Indeed, the United States Department of Labor has established safety measures through the Occupational Safety and Health Administration that address the proper treatment of you and your fellow barge workers. 

Staying safe when you are working on an oil platform

If you are working in and around boats in New York, you are exposed to many unique risks that have to be carefully navigated to prevent unnecessary injuries from happening. At Tabak, Mellusi & Shisha LLP, we are committed to being advocates for people who have been involved in boating accidents. 

Loss of consortium and the Longshore Act

Those in Manhattan who work in the maritime industry likely understand that the Longshore and Harbor Workers' Compensation Act offers them financial assistance if and when they are injured on the job. Yet exactly how far do those benefits extend. Oftentimes, a maritime accident affects not only the accident victim, but their families as well. The effect of an injury may make it impossible for one to enjoy the same type of relationship with family members again (particularly with their spouses). In such a case, are there benefits made available to a maritime worker's spouse. 

Man thrown into river as boat crosses another's wake

It is easy for Manhattan residents to draw the distinction between travelling by boat as opposed to a car. A much greater sense of security may be felt in a boat given that so many people drive cars (thus increasing the chances of being involved in an accident). Yet it is that relative sense of isolation that can make boating so dangerous. Often, the boar operators (especially those operating small boats and pleasure craft) can forget that there are craft out on the water, and that the potential hazards that other boats pose can be dangerous

Do maritime lawsuits have jurisdictions?

There's something about the sea that draws people to it. There are some who feel the need to spend a lifetime working on the water, whether fishing on a charter boat, working on board a cruise ship or serving in the military on a battleship. The fact of the matter is, the ocean is unpredictable, and situations can arise that result in legal disputes and litigation.

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