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Oyster Bay boating excursion ends in injury

On Behalf of | May 27, 2019 | Boating Accidents

Buying a boat can bring with it years of fun experiences on New York’s many waterways. It also brings an inherent responsibility to ensure that anyone riding on it or participating in water sports around it knows proper safety procedures. The unique complexities of boating accidents often make them particularly dangerous compared to incidents that occur on dry land. Difficulty in getting a boating accident victim immediate treatment is the chief among these. The different types of accidents that can occur on the water also can contribute to more severe outcomes. 

Initial reports show that such an outcome may have thankfully been avoided in a recent accident that occurred out on Oyster Bay. A woman was reportedly cut by a boat propeller while participating in Memorial Day festivities. Exactly what activity she was involved in that led to her injury was unreported. What is known is that the injury occurred to her arm and was significant enough to cause her to lose consciousness. First responders were preparing to airlift her to a local hospital, yet she regained alertness and was able to respond to rescuers, prompting them to instead take her for treatment by land. 

Injuries involving propellers and other features of a boat can often be easily avoided provided that passengers are well-instructed what to do (and not to do) out on the water by the boat owner. If and when a boat owner fails to provide passengers with that instruction, it may be argued that they were negligent in fulfilling the duty of care that they owed to their passengers. Those wanting to initiate legal action following such a failure may want to first secure the services of an experienced attorney.