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Fall from cruise ship balcony kills teen

On Behalf of | Feb 10, 2019 | Boating Accidents

Whenever accidents involving Manhattan residents occur over which there is a question of liability, culpability often comes down to the matter of who is ultimately at fault. Even in scenarios where complex legal issues such as maritime law are involved, simple questions as to who whether or not negligence or carelessness was at play may ultimately be the factors which determine the outcomes of cases. While ship owners are required to provide safe traveling conditions and accommodations to both passengers and crew, individuals may be responsible for their own reckless actions. 

The question of who is responsible may indeed come into play in a recent accident that occurred in a cruise ship. A passenger fell from one of the ship’s balcony’s onto a pier while stopped at one of the ship’s ports. The teen sustained serious head trauma and ultimately died as a result. Local authorities responding to the scene initially determined that no criminal actions led to the young man’s death. He was reportedly attempting to cross from one balcony to another when he fell. 

One might read about what the young man was trying to do and immediately assume that his own carelessness is what caused his death. In such a case, it might be hard to argue that ship owners should be held liable. Yet at the same time, if measures were not taken to ensure that actions similar to what the teen in this case was attempting to do were not possible, such an accident might never have occurred. Accident victims and their families might then argue that ship owners failed to do all that they could to protect those under their care. Those looking to make such a claim may want to seek the services of an experienced attorney.