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Muscoot Reservoir capsizing kills two men

On Behalf of | Jan 27, 2019 | Boating Accidents

The suggestion to go out and enjoy a day of boating is likely rarely made with any sort of ill intent. Rather, when Manhatten residents are involved in boating accidents, it is typically due to some unforeseen circumstance. Yet whether or not one intended for any passengers of their boat to be injured, the owner of a vessel (or the organizer of a boat outing) may assume responsibility for their safety. The seaworthiness of the vessel being used and the potential dangers posed by the conditions at the time of the excursion are all factors one should consider before inviting others to participate in a boating adventure. 

Both of those elements could have potentially played a role in a recent boating accident that claimed the lives of two local men. The bodies of the two boaters (one being from Brooklyn and the other from Staten Island) were discovered by authorities the day after their boat capsized as they fished on the Muscoot Reservoir. While the weather conditions on the day of the accident were not reported, authorities did say that the water the men fell into was only 38 degrees. Hypothermia was indeed listed as a factor in both men’s deaths. It was unclear whether the condition of the rowboat the men were using contributed to it capsizing. 

One might wonder what the point would be in the families of accident victims pursuing a liability claim in cases like this (were all involved perished). Yet those needing compensation to effectively deal with their loved ones’ deaths can seek it from the estates of those responsible. Such action may have a better chance of success if one has an experienced attorney to rely on.