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Accident report highlights safety lessons

On Behalf of | Jan 28, 2019 | Maritime Accidents

People in New York who work in the maritime industry know that commercial boating can be dangerous at times. The need for strong and clear safety procedures is essential in order to protect the lives of all crew and others who may be onboard a vessel. Workboat reported on some lessons gleaned from accident reports published in a Safer Seas Digest of 2017 by the National Transportation Safety Board. These lessons show the ongoing need to keep safety a priority.

The report reviewed 41 different accidents involving a variety of boats such as tug boats, tow boats, barges and more. Among the lessons published was the recomendation that scuppers in bulwarks on fishing vessels are always kept clear. This should prevent vessel instability by allowing rapid draining of water. Another recommendation from the report is that the need to report or communicate details of an accident should take second priority to the safe operation of the vessel if it is still moving.

Management and organizations in general are encouraged to develop a strong culture of safety with support for this starting at the top. The belief is that when safety is promoted at all levels of an organization, fewer accidents may happen and maritime workers may enjoy a safer environment. 

If you would like to learn more about the importance of safety on commercial boats and vessels and how to seek help after a boating accident, please feel free to visit the boating safety page of our New York maritime law website.