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Light failure leads to late-night boating accident

On Behalf of | Oct 17, 2018 | Boating Accidents

A typical recreational boating excursion is usually spent with family and friends. Those who choose to go out on an acquaintance’s boat likely do so trusting that the boat owner has ensured that the craft is safe, and that said owner will also do everything necessary to ensure each passengers’ safety while out on the water. It is for this reason why Manhattan residents may be reluctant to pursue action in the wake of a boating accident. No one wants to have to try and hold a friend legally accountable for an accident, yet oftentimes the expenses that can arise from it leave them with little choice. 

Recreational boating accidents can easily produce devastating results. This fact was clearly apparent in the case of recent incident in Minnesota. Four people were out on a lake at a local national park in the late-night hours when their boat struck the tip of an island. The boat involved featured a cuddy-cabin, in which two female passengers were located when the accident occurred. One of the women sustained serious injuries, while the other escaped harm. The driver of the boat and the fourth passenger also suffered minor injuries. 

Authorities investigating the incident do not believe drugs or alcohol here involved. Instead, it is being reported that the light on the boat failed, preventing the driver from seeing the island in time to avoid the collision. While the boat owners in cases like this may certainly have no intention of putting their passengers at risk, a failure to keep their boats in good operating condition might be seen as negligence. Those injured in the accidents such negligence may cause may need to seek compensation for their suffering. Such compensation might be more easily secured when one has an experienced attorney to rely on.