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Preventing maritime injuries with risk awareness

On Behalf of | Sep 23, 2018 | Maritime Accidents

For many maritime workers in New York, working in such close proximity to water provides many opportunities that may not be enjoyed in other industries. However, with their job comes a unique set of risks that can be incredibly dangerous at times. Whether or not these workers are able to stay safe and perform their job successfully is heavily dependent on how much instruction they have received about their job, as well as their attention to following outlined protocols and procedures designed to keep them safe. 

Interestingly enough, working at sea can provide health risks in addition to the obvious physical risks they face. According to Marine Insight, disorders such as Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVS), can inflict workers who are required to work long hours operating power tools that cause intense vibration. Seafarers that do not understand how to properly use such tools can be even more prone to suffering from symptoms like numbness, tingling and persistent pain. 

Dnr.wi.gov suggests that workers who wish to prioritize their safety and encourage their coworkers to practice responsibility as well, should implement several actions into their routine each day. These include the following:

  • Understanding how to properly use and deploy safety equipment. Workers should practice using such devices in mock situations that are similar to ones they may encounter in the future. 
  • Understanding how different weather conditions and temperatures affect their job and what can be done to mitigate risks related to environmental conditions. 

They should also commit to being responsible on or near the water by staying sober and maintaining general health and wellness practices.