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Tips on Preventing Boating Accidents From Occurring

On Behalf of | Jun 14, 2018 | Boating Accidents

Safety is a key concern for all New York boaters. Failure to follow the rules may easily lead to a serious boating accident, which can sometimes have devastating consequences. While you can’t always prevent an accident from occurring, there are steps you can take to lessens to chance of significant injury or property damage. BoatingMag.com offers the following advice to ensure safe time is had by all on the water.

Be Prepared For Falls

If you’re soloing on your boat, falling overboard can be a genuine disaster. If for some reason you’re unable to make it back to your boat in time it may drive away without you. Even if your boat stays in the relative area the ensuing wake could make it difficult for you to remain above water. An emergency cut-off lanyard is crucial in this case, as it will allow you to power down the boat from the water, so you can make it back safely.

Avoid Speeding (Especially At Night)

There are many more hazards to boaters at night due to low visibility. While speeding can be dangerous under any circumstances, it’s especially hazardous at night. Even if you’re relatively sure you have a clear path you could run into boater with malfunctioning lights, which could result in a serious impact. In order to prevent accidents, maintain a reasonable speed at all times.

Make Sure You Have the Right Safety Gear

There is a wide range of safety gear that you should carry on your boat at all times. Along with life vests (which must fit properly), you should also carry flares, air horns, a paddle (in case of engine failure), an anchor, and running lights. These items can be crucial in the event your boat breaks down, to both keep you in a safe position as well as to alert other boats that you’re in need of help.