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3 Cruise Ship Risks to Be Aware Of

On Behalf of | Jun 24, 2018 | Maritime Accidents

Manhattan vacationers may view cruise ships as a great way to see the world in a safe and convenient manner. However, cruise ships carry numerous risks for their passengers, some of which can have deadly consequences under the right circumstances. Being aware of these risks is crucial, especially when your entire family is onboard.

Norovirus Can Occur

As explained by MarketWatch.com, norovirus is a gastrointestinal illness that involves extreme bouts of vomiting and diarrhea. This illness poses a particular risk to guest of cruise lines due to the close quarters. In fact, it’s estimated that thousands among the 10.3 million people attending cruises annually will fall victim to norovirus. Passengers can decrease their risk by washing their hand frequently, but it’s also up to cruise lines to provide things like hand sanitizer to further reduce the risk.

Crime Is an Issue

While most major cruise lines dispute the claims, there is a risk of crime when onboard a cruise ship. Some point to amount of alcohol being served, which can result in people being careless with their money and belongings. There is also an issue of being stuck aboard the boat (at least until the next port is reached). This illustrates the importance of having a solid security crew along with the passengers. When cruise lines skimp on the proper security procedures it’s often the passengers who are left paying the price.

Other Types of Illness Can Be a Concern

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, passengers on cruise ships must also worry about respiratory concerns. Again, the close quarters on a ship can lead to any sort of illness (including colds) being passed around easily from passenger to passenger. People with chronic health conditions can also experience discomfort should their symptoms be exacerbated. This is usually due to the changes in lifestyle while on a cruise, which often entail a change in dietary and sleeping habits.