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Accident on Lake Erie kills Lancaster teacher

On Behalf of | May 18, 2018 | Boating Accidents

Recreational boaters in Manhattan likely view a day out on the water as a method to escape the cares and concerns of the mainland. What some may not realize is that even though they may be away from shore, their duty to act as responsibly as they would on solid ground remains. That includes the responsibility to protect passengers on their boats the same way they would as if those same people were traveling in their cars. The need to wear seat belts might be replaced with the need to wear life jackets, yet in both scenarios, drivers should still exercise the utmost care and caution while driving.

Authorities believe that whomever was driving the boat that struck a break wall on Lake Erie did not fulfill that responsibility. The boat was reported to have been traveling so fast that it even left a mark on the rocks. All three men on board were thrown from the boat in the collision. Two survived; the body of the third was found the next day. The deceased was identified as a popular school teacher from Lancaster.

Currently, investigators do now know who was driving the boat when the crash happened. They also say that none of three men were wearing life jackets despite the fact that a bag full of them was recovered. While an argument may be made that all involved share some degree of blame in accidents such as this, ultimately it is the responsibility of whomever owns and commands the boat to ensure everyone’s safety. Such a party may be the one liable for damages should victims and/or their families need compensation. Those seeking such compensation may find it easier to gain if they have an experienced attorney on their side.

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