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The benefits of the jones act

On Behalf of | Apr 15, 2018 | Jones Act

Regardless of the specific career path, a job in the maritime industry can become more demanding than work in other fields in many ways. Certain laws in the nation aim to protect workers from the dangers inherent in daily shifts, such as heavy machinery, safety risks of ships and unpredictable weather. Many New York maritime workers have a world of questions when it comes to those laws, however, as they have changed continuously over recent decades.

As City Lab explains, the Jones Act is a law created in 1920, which initially strived to create a safe environment for maritime workers after World War I. The primary focus of the act is to ensure that only U.S. ships transport all goods transferred between U.S. ports. After natural disaster struck Puerto Rico last year, the nation expressed frustration over President Trump’s views on the Jones Act; however, City Lab urges readers to reassess the benefits of the law itself. Those in support of the Jones Act stress that any modifications to the law could jeopardize benefits for U.S. sailors. The act protects the rights of American sailors, helping them avoid being exploited, covering medical needs and creating a safe working environment overall.

Because of the the maritime industry’s crucial hand in the American economy, the Jones Act can prove advantageous for those in the field. The Transportation Institute notes that, in addition to instilling regulations regarding U.S. ships, the law also requires that at least 75 percent of crews must be U.S. citizens. Ships must also be American-made, and must be registered in the U.S. The TI lists a number of benefits of the Jones Act, including the maintaining of skilled professionals and proper facilities in the case of national emergencies. The advantages of this maritime law can certainly make the daily work life of an employee in this industry safer and more manageable.