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Hit-and-run on lake results in man’s arrest

On Behalf of | Mar 24, 2018 | Boating Accidents

A day out on the water is typically meant to offer boaters a reprieve from the stresses associated with daily life in Manhattan. Yet waterways can quickly become congested with other recreational boaters who are also looking for the same escape. A lake will usually offer those navigating it ample space to do what they want to do, yet the same caution that one exhibits on land must also be used on the water. That means that, if an accident does occur, those involved are obliged to remain at the scene until it is resolved. 

In some cases, resolution may require rendering aid. That is exactly what was needed after a teen riding a jet ski that was struck by a boater on a lake in Arizona. The boater who hit him then claimed he was going for help, yet according to information shared by his passenger, instead went back to his camp site. Fortunately, others out on the water came to the teen’s aid, and he was able to survive the ordeal despite sustaining serious injuries. 

The boater (whose criminal history may have contributed to his decision to leave the scene) was identified and arrested after the boat involved was brought in to a local service shop for repairs (the owner claimed it had been damaged by rocks), Investigators also found the female passenger that had been with him, who proceeded to give them an account of what happened. 

In cases such as this, boating accident victims are not precluded from initiating a civil claim against those responsible even if such parties are facing criminal charges. Those wishing to pursue such action may first want to secure the services of an experienced attorney. 

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