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U.S. assists to find ferry passengers

On Behalf of | Feb 5, 2018 | Maritime Accidents

When people in New York board a commercial boat designed to transport them from one place to another, they should be able to trust that the operators of the craft will keep them safe. Many things contribute to making this happen including operating a boat properly and navigating weather and other obstacles appropriately. In addition, entities that own and manage commercial boats like ferries or cruise liners should ensure that all vessels are maintained and are safe for travel.

Sadly it appears that this level of due diligence was not exercised before a passenger ferry departed for what was to be a two-day journey in the south Pacific recently. According to reports, the ferry left with approximately 80 passengers and crew members on board. After eight days and a clear failure to arrive at the intended destination, authorities were alerted to a problem. So far, the boat itself has yet to be located. The vessel had been identified as unfit for passage due to damage to multiple parts.

Rescue efforts remain underway and include representatives from the United States as well as other nations. One small craft with six adults and one child was found and the passengers have been transported to safety. Per their report, the ferry sank but there is no confirmation of what may have happened to the remaining people.

People who are involved in serious boat accidents or those who lose their loved ones in these incidents in New York might want to reach out to an attorney to learn how they might seek compensation for such negligence.

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