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Do not ignore repetitive stress injuries

On Behalf of | Feb 27, 2018 | Jones Act

You are not alone if the thought of repetitive stress injuries calls to mind a grocery-store clerk or an office worker who uses a computer for much of their New York job. But this type of injury can happen to any worker—anywhere—who does the same task over and over throughout the day, and that includes seamen, longshoremen and other maritime workers as well. At Tabak, Mellusi & Shisha, we know how important medical treatment can be to your future, financial and otherwise. We work with many people who have been injured on vessels, helping to ensure they get the care they deserve.

Repetitive stress is a type of wrist injury that your doctor may diagnose as bursitis, tendonitis or carpal tunnel syndrome. Not everyone who does the same job develops the injury, but FindLaw notes that repetitive stress injuries make up about 20 percent of on-the-job injuries. Unlike other injuries, repetitive stress does not occur during a single event; it occurs over time with the accumulation of stress. A sufferer can experience aching and minor pain or something much worse, with pain that is strong enough to be incapacitating. Numbing and loss of movement can also occur.

Many people with the condition opt to ignore the pain, which is not a good idea. Symptoms can get worse with continued work, even following you into a new job, so it is important to seek treatment. For maritime workers, the cost of treatment may be covered under the Jones Act or with longshoreman’s protections. Whether you are suffering from repetitive stress or another type of injury from the work you perform or the work environment, it is crucial that you maintain your health. For more information on dealing with injuries, visit our website page.