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Investigation continues in case of stuck ferry

On Behalf of | Dec 3, 2017 | Boating Accidents

For many people in New York, a ride on a ferry to get from point A to point B is a regular part of life. Some people may live on Staten Island and work in Manhattan or even vice versa making such a trip a daily routine multiple times a week. Add to that the countless tourists who hop on and off a New York ferry and the number of people transported by these vessels begins to climb rapidly. Everyone who boards a ferry deserves to trust that they will arrive at their destination safely.

A recent incident not far off one of Manhattan’s piers may have understandably shaken many people’s faith in this. Reports indicate that 114 people were stranded as the ferry essentially sat on top of a sandbar. It has been noted the captain was initially investigated for alcohol use although that has been ruled out. However, the investigation is far from over. The company that owns the ferry has emphatically stated that the captain who was in charge at the time of this stranding is not to be allowed to pilot any ferry for the duration of the investigation.

The matter will include careful review of all maps and charts used by the crew members to ensure the latest information was being leveraged. Also to be reviewed will be the actions taken by crew members to see how that matches up to the stated procedures they are to follow.

People who are involved in ferry boat mishaps may want to reach out to an attorney in New York to learn their options after these events occur.

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