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Illnesses such as cancer may be covered by maintenance and cure

On Behalf of | May 4, 2017 | Maintenance & Cure

Health conditions that occur while a New Yorker is working on a vessel at sea may lead to hefty medical bills and the inability to return to work for some time. These financial challenges may not be so devastating, though, because of maintenance and cure. According to KDLG.org, this financial benefit covers almost any injury or illness if it happened while the seaman is in service on a boat.

To ensure that they are not paying expenses for someone’s pre-existing condition, some employers will provide a medical questionnaire that must be filled out before an contract is signed. Experts encourage owners to carry insurance because illnesses such as cancer are typically covered by maintenance and cure if they arise while the employee is working on the vessel.

Cure is the amount that would be paid for treatments such as chemotherapy and other necessary medical interventions, and a daily maintenance benefit would cover room, board and travel to and from health care providers. Because these costs may create a hardship for some vessel owners, experts recommend that they purchase insurance.

Accessible Marine Insurance points out that an employee who is denied maintenance and cure when it is his or her due may recover both the benefits and attorney’s fees if the claim must be taken to court. The employer must not require the employee to use private health insurance to cover any costs that should be paid by maintenance and cure. It is essential that seamen are granted this benefit because workers’ compensation is not available to workers in this profession.