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Accident on tugboat leaves crew member without an arm

On Behalf of | May 2, 2017 | Jones Act

Working on a tugboat in New York Harbor presents unique challenges and hazards, as these vessels are designed to push or pull other vessels from place to place. Equipment and duties on a tugboat may put seamen at risk in cases of negligence, such as improperly performed maintenance or inadequate training for the jobs at hand.

A recent accident involving a tugboat is under investigation by the U.S. Coast Guard as authorities attempt to discover the circumstances that led to the serious injury of the operator. The New York Police Department responded to the call reporting the incident and upon boarding the boat, they discovered that the lower portion of the man’s arm had been severed.

The details surrounding the accident are unknown, although police have reported that the arm was cut off by a rope. The NYPD Harbor Unit searched the area, which was near the Statue of Liberty, but could not locate the severed limb. According to the statement, the operator of the tugboat had been adjusting a line at the time. Emergency responders treated the man by applying a tourniquet before he was transported to a hospital. He is currently in serious condition.

Seamen may be eligible for benefits or compensation under the Jones Act after an accident on a vessel, but qualification depends on multiple factors, including employer negligence. Those who have been injured on the job may want to speak to an attorney to learn what recourse they may have to cover the expenses and lost wages caused by the event.

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