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Death at sea: What are your risks?

On Behalf of | Mar 23, 2017 | Maritime Accidents

Your general risk of a motor vehicle or workplace accident in New York may be taken for granted to the point that you do not spend much time thinking about whether you will be affected unless one has directly affected you or someone you know. At sea, the nature of the hazards may keep them at the forefront, and in some cases, your awareness of them could save your life.

Marine Insight explains that adhering to regulations should go a long way toward preventing fatal accidents on board ships. For example, there are procedures for entering an enclosed space, and failing to follow these puts you in danger of exposure to a toxic or flammable gas. Even when they are contained in appropriate tanks, these gases can be fatal if you are performing hot work nearby without taking precautions. Mooring operations and lifeboat testing are both highly dangerous jobs, and a lapse in attention or a simple mistake while taking care of these duties is often deadly.

Some hazards created by negligence or neglect are similar to those workers face on land, such as failure to service equipment or machinery. For example, poorly maintained generators, boilers and compressors raise the chances of an explosion, and electrocution from faulty or exposed wiring is also possible. Personal protective equipment for the job should be provided, and it is your responsibility to use it appropriately. Although this list may be useful in reminding you how important it is to avoid distractions and observe all procedures and regulations, it is not intended as legal advice.