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Fisherman suffers head injury while at sea

On Behalf of | Sep 15, 2016 | Jones Act

Many people along the shoreline of New York decide to make fishing their career. Some of them own their own boat while others decide to work on someone else’s ship. The smaller vessels will often just sail out for the day and return under the cover of darkness while larger ships – those in search of crab or large tuna – may stay out for a week or more. Fishermen who work on these ships often find themselves in tight quarters, and they must be constantly on the lookout for swinging equipment, littered decks and slippery surfaces. If they are not careful, or the ship’s officers have failed to do their part, injury can easily occur.

One fisherman suffered a head injury described as serious, while out on a fishing vessel. The extent of the injury is unknown and there is no word if the man will fully recover. He was flown by helicopter to shore after he was lifted in a basket from the ship. The information is scanty at best; no information was provided as to how the injury occurred. Authorities have not said if the man hit his head on the boat or if he actually fell off of the vessel.

While the U.S. Coast Guard provided video of the rescue itself, the organization did not indicate whether the accident was being investigated. Additionally, there was no mention of whether the man’s family had been notified.

A head injury can last for days, weeks, months or even a lifetime. Victims of brain trauma may lose their ability to speak, move or think. People who have suffered injuries of this type of nature may find it helpful to meet with a skilled attorney.

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