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When insurers try to minimize maintenance and cure

On Behalf of | Aug 12, 2015 | Maintenance & Cure

Those who work aboard ships play a very important role in our economy. Many industries rely deeply on the hard work of maritime workers. Unfortunately, such workers sometimes get exposed to dangers on the ship where they work. Thus, the sad reality is that maritime workers sometimes end up suffering injuries on the job.

Such injuries can have some very significant and long-lasting negative impacts on a worker. Thankfully, there are some significant forms of help injured maritime workers may be eligible to receive. For example, injured workers who fall under the coverage of the Jones Act may be eligible for two key forms of relief in relation to their injury, maintenance and cure. Cure involves the coverage of medical expenses for the injury while maintenance involves a daily stipend.

Medical expense coverage and a stipend can both be of great assistance to an injured maritime worker when it comes to dealing with the effects and aftermath of their injury. Unfortunately, getting the amount of maintenance and cure they deserve sometimes can prove very challenging for a maritime worker. This is because insurance companies are sometimes very aggressive in their efforts to limit maintenance and cure amounts they pay out.

Thus, it can be necessary for maritime workers to fight vigorously for their rights when pursuing maintenance and cure benefits in relation to an injury. Maintenance and cure can each raise their own particular issues when it comes to fighting for such rights.

Our firm is deeply knowledgeable in the law of both maintenance and cure. We can help maritime workers with understanding what the law entitles them to when it comes to maintenance and cure and with opposing efforts by insurance companies to unfairly minimize these benefits.