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East River Ferry accident leaves at least 10 passengers injured

On Behalf of | Aug 31, 2015 | Jones Act

When most people think about traveling between New York City’s boroughs, transportation options including motor vehicles or the subway most-readily come to mind. However, to save time and obtain a better view of the city, millions of people also use New York City’s extensive ferry system to navigate between boroughs.

Statistics from 2011 indicate that, annually, an estimated 1.2 million passengers travel aboard the city’s East River Ferry which operates year-round and stops in Brooklyn, Queens and Manhattan. Recently several of the passengers who were aboard the ferry when it docked at Manhattan’s Pier 11 were injured when the ferry failed to slow down and hit the dock at a high rate of speed.

The accident occurred around 5:25 p.m. on Wednesday evening and resulted in the injuries of at least 10 passengers. While no passengers were reported to be seriously injured, several were thrown violently off their feet as they were crowded near the front of the boat in preparation for departure.

While neither the ferry service nor police investigators were able to confirm the circumstances that lead to the accident, one passenger who was interviewed for a New York Daily News story on the ferry crash reported that the ferry’s captain appeared unable to reverse the vessel and “it seems like one of the engines broke.”

Even seemingly minor injuries can often end up being much more serious and painful than initially believed. It’s important, therefore that passengers who are injured while aboard a sea vessel seek medical attention and a keep detailed records of any injuries and resulting expenses. It’s also advisable to discuss one’s case with an attorney who handles maritime injury cases.